Making eSigning and smart contract archiving work together

Zefort is the perfect solution for a specific challenge — storing and managing contracts after they are signed. We make archiving, finding and acting on contracts really efficient and simple.

However, the contracts have to get signed first. How do we get from signing to archival?

APIs for the win!

It’s no wonder that signing contracts online is becoming the new normal – there are many excellent services that allow you and your business partner/employee sign agreements easily, securely and regardless of time and place.

From day one, we designed Zefort to be a part of this ecosystem. Once you have virtually shook hands with your contractual partner, you can hand over the contract to Zefort’s archive. Automatically, with no extra effort.

In practice, Zefort’s technical architecture comes with REST APIs (software interfaces that allow data to flow between two different services) that practically cover all integration needs. This means that our system is fully compatible with a wide variety of eSignature services.

Actually, everything that you do in Zefort’s friendly user interface, you can also automate with APIs. This allows a high degree of automation, speed and accuracy to your contract management.

(Still work with PDFs stored on computers and network drives? Don’t worry, you can naturally upload traditional PDFs as well, or even mass import your entire document archive.)

What’s your favorite eSign-service or document management system?

So, thanks to our APIs, Zefort works seamlessly together with your current systems. You can automate data import by integrating Zefort with your existing document management systems.

To make integration even easier, we have released ready-made integrations to many systems, including DocuSign, Telia Sign, Visma Sign and SalesForce. Our upcoming additions include Scrive, Zapier and much more – tell us which integrations you need!

And by the way – you really don’t have to be a rocket scientist to work with integrations. Check out the video below on how to integrate Zefort with DocuSign – all it takes is a couple of clicks.

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Get a grip of your contracts

Zefort optimizes your existing processes and works with leading document management systems.

Zefort saves and archives contracts digitally in one secure place with minimum effort. You get superb search and browsing capabilities, shared access and automatic reminders.

Save time and effort

Never miss contractual dates

Find details quickly

Share with your team

Instant cloud setup – no IT project involved