OpusCapita integrated Salesforce with Zefort’s smart contract archive

By integrating Zefort’s contract management solution with Salesforce, OpusCapita is able to optimize sales contract access within the organization. Migration of legacy contracts and automated contract data integration with Salesforce went smoothly.

OpusCapita is a leading European provider of source-to-pay and e-invoicing solutions. OpusCapita helps its 1,700 customers to manage their financial processes with lower costs while supporting its customers’ growth.

OpusCapita uses Salesforce to efficiently manage the company’s sales process. However, in addition to the sales teams, many other company employees need access to the sales contracts, too. The company faced a dilemma: how do we provide scalable, cost-efficient access to sales contracts for all relevant people?

After evaluating Zefort’s solution, OpusCapita decided to take the smart contract archive into use. The cooperation started with a migration project and continued with a Salesforce integration.

Zefort optimizes contract access

In practice, the Salesforce integration allows having up-to-date contract data in both Salesforce and Zefort. Key data, such as contract parties, terms and dates, as well as the full contract documents, is now automatically synchronized between the systems.

The direct benefit is that now less people need Salesforce accounts as they can directly get the contract details they need through Zefort.

Zefort allowed us to optimize the number of Salesforce licenses while maximizing the number of people with access to contracts. –Marta Dąbrowska, Business Platforms Development Manager at OpusCapita

Smooth migration of legacy contracts

OpusCapita also had a large number of contracts as scanned documents. At the beginning of the cooperation, Zefort carried out a migration project where approximately 4,600 scanned contracts were processed and stored to Zefort’s contract archive.

After migration to Zefort, OpusCapita’s team can now quickly find the contracts they need in Zefort’s web dashboard, thanks to Zefort’s powerful full text search and contract metadata.

I was personally very satisfied with both the migration and integration projects. Zefort’s team showed solid know-how and I did not have to do any technical work in Salesforce. – Kalle Paavola, Salesforce Administrator at OpusCapita

Right now, OpusCapita uses Zefort for managing sales contracts and keeping sales data synchronized between Salesforce and Zefort.

Zefort provides smooth and secure user management and contract access features. Organizations can add as many users or user groups as they want and create binders for various contract types, such as sales or HR contracts. User access can be managed on binder level.

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