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Zefort is right now the one contract management system that offers the most value for money.

We were looking for something where we could simply throw all our contracts easily, generate metadata automatically and connect with our go-to eSignature service. Zefort ticked all these boxes.

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Why Zefort?


1. Find any contract in a heartbeat

We give you a Google-like search to your entire contract base - not just contract metadata. Find the contract(s) you need in just a few seconds.


2. Archive contracts with zero effort

Upload contracts directly from your eSignature service or by email. Once uploaded, our AI processes contract metadata and indexes the content.


3. Take control of your contracts

Make Zefort a single, secure online source for all your contracts. You decide who can access the contracts - say goodbye to contract silos!

Customer success stories

Zefort works perfectly for any organization that uses contracts, from startups to SMBs and publicly listed enterprises.

Frequently asked questions

1. What about data security?

Safe and sound 

Zefort is ISO 27001 certified and all data is encrypted using at least AES256 level encryption 

This is why banks, such as Aktia, trust us to manage their contracts

2. How can I stop using Zefort?

No vendor-lock

Zefort will not hold you hostage, if your needs change after implementing us. 

You can leave us when ever you need, for any reason, and take all your contracts with you.

3. How can I track changes in contracts?

Audit log

Audit log provides full transparency to who has viewed or modified individual contracts.

Know what changes have been made, when and by who.

4. How about other document systems?

Flexible integrations

Zefort can be easily integrated with leading document management systems and electronic signature services. 

We are constantly adding integrations. Let us know if you have specific needs!

5. How to manage contract deadlines?

Set reminders

Automate reminders to reduce your work and stress, by reminding you of important events, such as contract expiration dates or specific required actions. 

You decide who are notified and you can also assign tasks to specific team members.

6. I have a really big team...

Manage access rights

You set who can see which contracts. Managing accesses to different contract folders is fast and simple. 

Even the summer interns can save time using Zefort.

7. Yet another IT-solution?

Simple, cloud service

Get started with instant cloud setup – no IT project involved. 

And if you need help, we are one email away and happy to assist you with technical issues. That's our job!

How Zefort's contract
management works?

Zefort is a zero-effort contract lifecycle management solution. Archiving a contract is as easy as sending a single email. Automated processing makes contracts available to selected team members, enables rich searches and automation benefits, such as reminders.


1. Send contract

Wow, you made a deal – congratulations! Now, instead of dumping and forgetting the contract, take 1 minute to email it to our AI engine. Done already? Great.


2. AI Magic

We’ll take it from here! Our smart AI engine instantly processes the document, archives it in fully searchable form and picks up key details, like contract parties and essential dates.


3 Peace of mind

Forget about it! We will notify you if there’s something you should be aware of, like expiration dates. When you want to look up something, just enter a search keyword.

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