Improved Custom Metadata

(Note: the Custom Metadata feature is included in Zefort’s PREMIUM and ENTERPRISE accounts)

This is something many our customer have been waiting for: improved custom metadata.

With this new feature, you can:
– configure your metadata with a simple drag&drop user interface
– define your own metadata elements (previously these were preset to title, parties, dates and tags) and organise your metadata fields in these boxes
– and… (drum roll 🥁) you can now define metadata fields specific to document types. In other words, you can now collect different metadata for example for your sales contracts and board meeting minutes.

Interested in improving your metadata? Try it out yourself or contact us for a quick demo. We are happy to tell you more about this superb feature 🙂

Improved UX for custom metadata

We are constantly improving Zefort’s user interface. Latest improvement applies to Custom Metadata configuration and especially how a dropdown object’s values are managed.

Hope you also find this new way more convenient!

Integration with SalesForce

Zefort now has a REST/API integration with SalesForce.

SalesForce integration covers following functionality:
– Party synchronization between SalesForce and Zefort
– Contract synchronization between SalesForce and Zefort

This is optional feature – in case you are interested, contact your nearest Zefort -representative 😉 (or just ping us with a mail to 😊).

Dashboard available for all Zefort users 🎉

Dashboard will give a quick insight of what is happening in your Zefort account. Dashboard includes:
– # of contracts uploaded by time
– list of all upcoming, past due and completed activities
– # of contracts by status, binder and owner

You can filter and drill down the Dashboard data.

Integration with Visma Sign

Zefort now has a REST/API integration with Visma Sign. This is optional feature – in case you are interested, let us know 🙂.

Action buttons in contract view

If you wish to archive a contract, mark it as a favourite or just copy the contract URL to your clipboard, you can now do that also in the contract view. And there are also other contract level actions available.

You can now find these action buttons in the contract toolbar.

Integration with DocuSign

Zefort now has a REST/API integration with DocuSign. This is optional feature – in case you are interested, let us know 🙂.

Double click to zoom 🔎

Need to see that small print in your contract 🧐 ?

Now it is very easy – just double click the contract preview to make it full screen. And to get back to normal view, simply repeat what you just did: double click the contract preview.

Upgraded Contract Toolbar

We have upgraded the Contract toolbar. Picture below sheds some light to icons in the new toolbar. Don’t hesitate to test them out yourself 😎

Integrations tab in Account Settings

Integrating with other systems is a key area on our roadmap. We already have comprehensive APIs which can be used to build custom integrations.

But, we want make everything in simple and easy — including integrations.
A step towards this goal is the integrations gallery, which we just released. Here, Admins can manage the built-in integrations with other systems. Currently you can find the following systems in the integrations list:

– Telia Sign
– Visma Sign
– Azure AD SSO
– Google G-suite SSO
– Microsoft ADFS SSO
– Generic SAMLv2 SSO
– Amazon S3 (customer site backup)

We have already seen brand names such as DocuSign and Salesforce on our roadmap, so stay tuned!

(Note: separate fee may apply for integrations. If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact our support for additional information)