Zefort Sign settings

Admin with permission “can manage account setting” is able to change settings for Zefort Sign. Navigate to Account settings > Zefort sign to manage use of the sign tool.

  1. Allow use of Zefort Sign
  2. Select available authentication methods
  3. Select default authentication method
  4. Set authentication before viewing documents as default
  5. Add esign sender names

zefort sign settings

Allow the use of Zefort Sign

Switch on the toggle to allow use of Zefort Sign in your account [1].

Allowed authentication methods

Select which autentication methods Zefort Sign users are allowed to use [2].

Available options:

  • Email
  • SMS
  • Finnish Bank ID
  • itsme® (Belgium) *
  • MitID (Denmark)
  • Norwegian BankID
  • Swedish BankID

* not available by default, please contact sales to enable this feature in your account.

Default authentication method

Select the default authentication method for the account [3]. This method is set as the default when user adds parties in the signature request. User may change the default method for each party if needed.

Authentication before viewing documents

The account admin can set authentication before viewing the documents as default, in cases where strong authentication is selected for a signature party [4]. Please note that this is not a forced setting, but users can still select to turn off the authentication.

Esign sender names

You can add esign sender names [5], that can be used as esign request sender instead of individual user.

Read further instructions in this article: Selecting signature request sender

Zefort Sign user permissions

In user management, you can select which users are allowed to use Zefort Sign. The permission “can start a signature process” gives user possibility to create signature requests with Zefort Sign and can be included in all user licenses (signer / viewer / editor / admin).

Please note that mere approving / signing a document with Zefort Sign doesn’t require a Zefort account or license.

zefort signature permission