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Easy eSignatures with Zefort Sign

Get your digital documents signed quickly with the easiest eSignature solution around. See the future of digital signing by booking a demo meeting with us.

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Why sign digitally?

It’s time to replace ink and paper with ones and zeros. Fast and reliable, digital signatures can be made anytime, anywhere and really speed up the signing process. What’s more, your document gets automatically archived.

Zefort Sign
Archive signed documents easily

Complete with zero-effort contract management

Zefort Sign is part of Zefort’s contract management solution. You’ll get a secure home for all your documents where you can save, find and share contracts easily. Whether you want to actively work with your contracts or simply tuck them away somewhere safe, we’ve got you covered.

How it works? Like a charm.

Add your document to Zefort, send a signing request and get notified when all signatures are in - it’s so simple. You can monitor the signing status from Zefort’s dashboard and the signed document gets automatically archived.

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Contract management is a team sport

You have an existing contract management process? Perfect. Zefort provides ready-made integration options, Zapier support and flexible APIs that allow your data to flow freely. We’re here to boost your processes, not hijack them.

Frequently asked questions

How much Zefort Sign costs?

With Zefort Sign, the pricing is based on the number of signatures, not the number of signed documents. We offer various subscription packages with set quotas for basic and advanced signatures.

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What authentication methods Zefort Sign supports?

Zefort Sign offers two authentication methods: basic authentication with email and strong authentication with online bank login identification or some other nationally available authentication method.

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Can I get Zefort Sign without Zefort’s contract archive?

Zefort Sign is part of Zefort’s complete contract management solution. The eSigning feature is available for Zefort plans Core, Premium, and Enterprise.

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Get a grip of your contracts

Zefort can be easily integrated with various leading enterprise solutions, such as document management systems.

Save time and effort

Never miss contractual dates

Find details quickly

Share with your team

Instant cloud setup – no IT project involved