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How to use Zefort

The videos on this page will help you get started with Zefort and in everyday use. If you have any questions, our customer support will help you move forward.


Videos for Zefort Administrators

Introduction of Zefort

As an administrator, it is important to know the default settings for using Zefort and user roles, as well as the role of binders in managing the rights of users and user groups.

Videos for all Zefort users

Basic use of Zefort

Use the videos below to learn how to use the basic features of Zefort and find the contracts you want quickly.

Here's how to get help using Zefort

Instructions and customer support

Zefort has a wide range of features to make your work more efficient. You can find more information about the features in both the Zefort user interface and our support site.

Do you need help?

Our customer support is at your service

If you have any questions about using Zefort, you can read the contents of our support site or contact our customer support.