Zefort Zapier integration

Seamlessly connect Zefort to your favorite apps with Zapier in just seconds. Use triggers and automations to automatically send finished contracts to Zefort, synchronize changes, and more.

Integrate Zefort with Zapier

Automatic archiving

Send newly-signed documents to Zefort

When a new document has been signed, use Zapier to automatically pick it up and send it to Zefort. As no manual steps are required, you can trust that the document is always archived with minimal effort. What's more, Zefort's AI automatically adds the missing metadata.

Zefort Zapier integration
zapier integration recipe

Metadata sync

Auto-sync modified fields and files

If new files are added, or fields modified, Zapier can automatically send those changes to Zefort. This way, you and your team can work with the tools you’re most familiar with, and still ensure that Zefort has up-to-date data.

New contract triggers

Trigger actions for new contracts in Zefort

Your Zefort account can receive contracts from multiple sources: emails, one or more e-signature services, manual uploads, and so on. When new contracts appear, Zapier can automatically notify other systems about it. For example, you can create a weekly summary sheet on Google Sheets about new contracts.

zapier integration recipe

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