Zefort vs. File management solutions

Are you still managing contracts in Sharepoint, Dropbox or network drives?

File management tools are great for many things, but they fall behind when it comes to efficient and secure contract management. It's time to give Zefort a try.

Zefort contract view with activity view in focus

Zefort – zero-effort contract management

Zefort is a cloud-based contract management solution designed specifically to make working with contracts easy, efficient and secure.

While Zefort comes with its own electronic signing service, Zefort Sign, the biggest benefit is its powerful contract archive.

Zefort vs. File management solutions

See below how Zefort compares with traditional document management systems.

Compare Zefort Sharepoint Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive Legacy network drive
Store unlimited number of documents
Role-based user access management
Full support for contract management processes
Automatic contract metadata detection
Active contract reminders and notifications
AI-assisted contract interaction
Search capabilitiesGreatOKOKBad
eSign support with Nordic authenticationYes, Zefort SignNoNoNo

Some of our beloved customers

We wanted the most modern solution in the market and a partner that matches our strategy. Zefort quickly started to feel like a company that we really want to work with.

ISO 27001 Certification

Bank-level security

Keeping your data secure and private is our top priority. Zefort ensures security on many levels, from meeting strict regulatory requirements to software architecture and physical security.

See Zefort in action

See how easy contract management can be and the benefits you can gain from it. Watch the recorded 30-minute demo video.

Watch Zefort demo