Become our partner

We’re constantly looking for partners who want to add customer value with the easy contract management solution.


Zefort’s partner program

We’re looking for both partners who refer business to us or directly resell Zefort’s solution as part of their portfolio. We have a straightforward, agile zero-effort working model for getting started with zero hassle.

Referral partners

Send new business our way to earn a commission on each new customer. Perfect for all companies that work with document or contract management, such as eSignature service providers.

Reseller partners

Make Zefort a part of your service or product offering and earn a continuous commission. Tailored for companies who want to manage the entire sales process and customer interaction by themselves.

Technology partners

Use our well-documented APIs to integrate Zefort into your product or service. Ideal for companies that want to make their product more versatile and add customer value.

We wanted the most modern solution in the market and a partner that matches our strategy. Zefort quickly started to feel like a company that we really want to work with.

Why join forces
with us?

Zefort’s smooth, smart and secure contract management is an attractive solution for all companies, regardless of their size, business domain or geographic location. Our customers love us for our great user experience, full feature set and first-class customer service.

Partnering with Zefort gives you more revenue, new business opportunities and extra value for your customers. With us, you can provide even better service to your customers.

Zefort - How it all started

Here’s what you’ll get

Zefort stands for zero-effort - and that’s exactly what’s in store for our partners, too. When you become our partner, we’ll do our best to ensure smooth sailing for you and your customers.


Earn commission for each closed sale with a new customer. Zefort is available through 3 different subscription tiers plus add-on packages to cater for the needs of businesses of all sizes.

Easy onboarding

For customers, Zefort is easy to get started with. As a cloud service, there’s no software installation or development effort required. Our versatile integrations help connect Zefort with customers’ other tools.

Agile collaboration

We’re a flat, friendly organization that gets things done. We respond to customer and partner requests without delay and always give personal attention.

Sales support

We will provide you with a full product introduction and ready-made sales and marketing materials on Zefort’s key features and customer benefits.

Lovable product

Zefort looks good and works like a charm. Our customers are happy with their experience and simply get things done more efficiently. We actively develop Zefort to meet and exceed customer needs.

Hey, let’s do this!

Nice to meet you – I’m Niklas Hakalax, the Head of Partnerships at Zefort. We have a great product and a fantastic team and I can’t wait to start building great things together with you.

Let’s start with a short online call and get to know each other. Hit me up on Linkedin or send me an email.

Niklas Hakalax, Zefort