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Zefort's smart contract management solution helps legal departments and legal teams reduce manual work while managing risks and liabilities better. Get to know Zefort and give us a go!


Benefits for legal teams

Single archive for all contracts

Archive all contracts and related appendices to a single, secure cloud service. You'll get a real-time, comprehensive view to all your contracts and related liabilities.

Quick single-email contract upload

Anyone from your team can archive contracts, appendices and related email conversation by simply sending them to Zefort via email.

Legally binding electronic signatures immediately at your disposal

Zefort's Basic and Advanced eSignatures meet the European Union eIDAS regulation requirements. Zefort offers a secure, legally binding way to sign documents with email, SMS, online banking or other nationally accepted method.

Our AI collects contract details for you

When uploading a document, Zefort's AI automatically picks up contract metadata and analyses all documents. This way the information is later available for smart search and reminders.

Smart full-text search saves your time

Zefort's full-text search covers everything from contracts to appendices and email conversations. Use powerful filters to target your search and save your recurring searches for future use.

Keep on top of things with automatic reminders

With Zefort, it's really easy to set automatic reminders of important contractual dates or events, such as contract renewal and termination dates..

Set notifications

Never miss an important contractual detail again

With Zefort, you'll keep up to date on your contractual liabilities while managing all your contracts in a secure, centralised contract archive. Forget about misplaced contracts or missed dates. Zefort's modern contract management tool outperforms traditional document management systems - it is specifically designed to power up contract-related workflows.

Add flexibility to your contract management processes

Zefort boosts your existing contractual processes and helps you define optimal workflows for your team. Thanks to our extensive feature set, you can build your dream legal technology environment.

You can easily automate knowledge management processes by integrating Zefort with your other systems. We support all leading electronic signature solutions and several pre-sign tools.


Easy to get started, intuitive to use

With Zefort, taking a new contract management system into use does not require an IT project. Zefort is pre-configured to make probably the markets' most modern contract solution ready to go from day one. We can also help you migrate your existing contract base as a separate migration project - contact us for details!

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