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Zefort's Advanced AI add-on gets you all the AI features Zefort has to offer. Subscribe to get exclusive features that automate your contract game.

Advanced AI for contract management

New feature

AI Custom Metadata

Create custom metadata attributes and automatically extract metadata values from your document. You can essentially turn any information in your contract to accurate, actionable metadata. The AI Custom Metadata feature is powered by ChatGPT.

AI custom metadata
key dates

New feature

Automatic Key Date Discovery

Zefort's AI automatically picks up important contractual dates and deadlines, like notice and renew periods, and adds them as metadata for your review. With automatic notifications, you'll never miss a time-critical opportunity or responsibility.

New feature

Zefort Insights

Use AI to automatically identify specific themes from contracts, such as payment terms, assignment clauses, activities or legislation. Target free text searches to selected themes.


Also available separately

4 seats to Zefort's ChatGPT extension

The Advanced AI add-on comes with 4 complimentary seats to Zefort's ChatGPT extension. Analyze, interact and get your questions answered with the relevant clauses of your contract highlighted. ChatGPT works securely right inside Zefort, without the need to use external services.

Why you should include the Advanced AI add-on in Zefort?

Exclusive features

The Advanced AI add-on comes with features you simply cannot get separately. These simple yet powerful features allow you to flexibly customize and automate specific parts your contract management process and obtain continuous value.

Get the newest features first

By subscribing to the Advanced AI add-on, you make sure that you get all the AI features Zefort has to offer, today and tomorrow. We continue to develop the existing features and add new ones.

Stay ahead of the curve

AI is the future - also in contract management. Explore the capabilities of AI today to future-proof your team's productivity, creativity and work satisfaction.

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