Who we are

Zefort is dedicated to making contract management as easy as possible. We’re a team of business, development, design and customer success professionals, eager to make your work more efficient.


How it all began

Our story began in 2015 when three friends decided to team up and build a world-class product based on Artificial Intelligence. Building on the team’s experience, we started working on a contract management solution - one that would stand out from the competition thanks to its efficiency and ease of use.

The result was Zefort, a zero-effort contract management solution. We developed (and continue to develop) our product in close cooperation with our customers. By understanding our customers, we are able to best solve the challenges in their everyday work.

Today, Zefort’s international team has grown, the product keeps evolving and we have reached a point where we are expanding to new markets. We warmly welcome you to join us on our journey!

Zefort - How it all started

Take control of your contracts

Keep track of your contracts and manage all your obligations in a single, sustainable and safe repository. Never lose a contract or miss an important date again.


Get eSignatures without delay

Zefort Sign provides a great signing experience for you and your customer. Get legally binding, secure signatures regardless of time and place. All you need is an email address to get going.

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Zefort in numbers

Zefort users
Team members
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months of summer vacation every third year
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From first glance, Zefort felt like a flexible and easy-to-use solution that is clearly designed with the user in mind.

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We’re constantly expanding our team. Check out our open positions and Zefort’s employee perks, such as a three month summer vacation* every third year.

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Management team

Niklas Hakalax, Zefort

Niklas Hakalax

Partner, Head of Accounts and Partnerships

Niklas Hakalax manages and develops Zefort's network of customers and partners globally. With an M.Sc. in Business and Management, Niklas has a strong customer and sales management background in international SaaS companies. As an innovative team player, Niklas strives for the Zefort network to make the most of our zero effort contract management platform.

Jussi Karttila

Jussi Karttila

CO-founder, CEO

Jussi Karttila has an extensive track record from various management positions in high technology companies. Before Zefort, Jussi worked for five years as a country manager for a Nordic SaaS business. Jussi is known as an innovative person who gets things done.

Juhani Heikkilä

Juhani Heikkilä

CO-founder, COO

Juhani Heikkilä has a proven track record in operations management, quality, ERP systems and master data management. With a M.Sc. in Finance and Accounting, Juhani brings unique financial and accounting management insight to developing contract management solutions. Juhani’s previous positions include management and advisor roles for software industry leaders.

Ville Laurikari

Ville Laurikari

CO-founder, CTO

Ville Laurikari has founded and built multiple software products, businesses and teams from the ground up to profitable business. Following director-level positions at Tectia Corporation and SSH Communications Security, Ville is today an entrepreneur with in-depth expertise in both secure software development and customer success management.

Heikki Sivonen

Heikki Sivonen


Heikki Sivonen is a multi-talented SaaS marketing leader. He has +15 years of background in various areas of marketing; including advertising, content marketing, MarTech, brand design, and business strategy. Working over the years in both agencies and in-house marketing teams, Heikki has left his signature mark on tens of successful companies in different fields.

Ilkka Ventus

Ilkka Ventus


Ilkka is an experienced commercial tech evangelist. He has broad international experience in many areas e.g. Sales, HR and Financial administration in complex environments in Banking & Insurance, Information technology, and Retail industries.


Harri Lukander

Harri Lukander

Attorney, Senior Partner at Lukander Ruohola HTO

Mr. Lukander is an attorney specializing in contract and company law. Harri helps Zefort with contractual matters, due diligence processes and working with law firms.

Rami Alanko

Rami Alanko

CEO, Beemray

Mr. Alanko is a serial entrepreneur and a business developer. Rami helps Zefort to connect with the right people in order to drive sustainable growth.

Henrik Rak

Henrik Rak

Specialist Counsel at Wärtsilä

Mr. Rak is lawyer with a strong international background and experience in legal issues across multiple industries. Henrik advises Zefort on contract management best practices.

Leo Kadieff

Leo Kadieff

Consultant, Chairman at Young Entrepreneurs Finland

Mr. Kadieff is dedicated to helping companies reach their full potential. Leo helps Zefort with all things related to startups and scaling up business operations.

Teemu Birkstedt

Teemu Birkstedt

Professor of Practice in Turku University

Teemu is a Data and AI enthusiast for over 20 years. Teemu’s focus is how to make a positive impact with AI. Work is done working in startups improving the strategic and responsible use of AI and in university collaboration.
Teemu is a co-founder of former AI startup growth company (Bigdatapump, 2012-2018) that has lately gone thru a successful M&A process. Zefort will benefit from Teemu's AI and Start-up experience.

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