House of Control vs. Zefort

Looking for the best House of Control alternative?

House of Control and Zefort are two popular contract management solutions that let you take full control of your contracts. But what’s the difference between the two? Let’s find out!


What do House of Control
and Zefort have in common?

Home for all contracts

Both House of Control and Zefort offer a single, centralized online solution for managing contracts efficiently.

Save time and money

Thanks to more efficient workflows and automation, these tools help your experts do more with less time..

Notifications of important events

With House of Control or Zefort at your disposal, your chances of missing an important event, such as a contract renewal date, is really close to zero.

Less risks from neglected contracts

Both solutions help you reduce your risks by having a better understanding of your contractual liabilities.

Digital signatures

Signing contracts and documents digitally is easy, quick and secure.

Nordic roots

Both companies have their home in the Nordics. House of Control comes from Norway and Zefort runs its international business from Finland.


House of Control is for CFOs, Zefort for everyone

House of Control is “the CFO’s Best Friend”. Zefort is not specifically tailored for the financial department, but can by used by anyone – legal, sales, HR, marketing or even the CEO of a small business.

Zefort’s key focus is ease of use

While House of Control is designed as a practical tool for financial teams, Zefort’s key design driver is making contact management as easy as possible. Did you know that Zefort stands for zero-effort contract management?

Zefort contract view with activity view in focus
Use powerful filters to narrow down search results and browse direct text matches within contracts.

Different utilization of automation and AI

House of Control uses automation for financial reporting, balance sheets and currency adjustments, for example.

Zefort uses artificial intelligence (AI) to automate metadata entry, making it easier to add contracts to the system.

Which should I choose - House of Control or Zefort?

Here’s the good news

Here’s the good news: both House of Control and Zefort are great contract management solutions that are more than likely to cover your needs for years to come.

If you are a CFO…

If you are a CFO who regularly works with IFRS 16 requirements, House of Control might be the best pick for you. It simplifies the complex IFRS 16 structure and helps you comply with related requirements.

…for everyone else

If you need a comprehensive all-purpose contract solution designed for any company department and companies of all sizes, you should definitely take a closer look at Zefort.

We wanted the most modern solution in the market and a partner that matches our strategy. Zefort quickly started to feel like a company that we really want to work with.

Watch a demo
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Watch the demo video on how Zefort works in practice, and learn how to save time and effort with the complete contract management solution. Presented by Richard Löfgreen, Zefort Country manager, Norway & Sweden at Zefort.

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