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Store all administrative documents safely

Zefort lets you archive all administrative documents easily and safely. Whats more, you can share the documents with just the right people without compromising security.

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Benefits for organization's administration

Single, secure location for all essential documents

You can store all important documents, including board materials and financial audit documents as well as any related email conversations to Zefort's secure cloud service.

Share documents with just the right people

You can give read or editing access to single documents or document binders to selected users or user groups without compromising security.

Sign meeting minutes and attachments with ease, anytime, anyplace

Zefort's Basic and Advanced eSignatures meet the European Union eIDAS regulation requirements. Zefort offers a secure, legally binding way to sign documents with email, SMS, online banking or other nationally accepted method.

Find documents when you need them

Zefort's Google-like search lets you focus searches on document content or metadata. Or, you can find documents that are similar to each other. Despite the volume of your documents, you'll find the ones you need in no time.

Stay on top of important dates

You can easily set up automatic reminders of important dates in your documents. You choose who gets the reminder.

ISO 27001 Certification

Information security is our key priority

Zefort (Aivan Innovations Ltd) is an ISO 27001 certified company trusted by several banks, for example. Contracts and any administrative documents are sensitive content that only selected people should have access to. Zefort's secure archive lets you manage who has access to documents and their content.

More than a traditional document archive

In a traditional document management system, documents are buried in folders and are generally difficult to find. In Zefort, we have paid special attention in making documents easy to archive, find and manage. Check out Zefort's key features.

Use powerful filters to narrow down search results and browse direct text matches within contracts.

Ready for use, no IT projects required

Zefort runs in your web browser and does not require any installations. You can start with Zefort right now - we'll help you get started. If you have a lot of existing documents in your old system, we can also help you with a content migration project. Contact us for details!

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