Docrates Cancer Center

Hospital manages all its contracts with Zefort

Docrates Cancer Center is a Finnish private hospital that provides comprehensive and individual cancer care to international patients. Docrates’ patients come from over 60 countries and there were nearly 19,000 individual patient visits in 2023 alone. The hospital employs more than 100 hired professionals and consultants.

Docrate’s daily operations involve a huge variety of contracts with service providers, product and technology suppliers, service buyers and partners. In practice, Docrates has hundreds of different partners. Because of the nature of the business, data security and privacy are critical to the cancer hospital and guide all software purchases, for example.

Overcoming Sharepoint’s limitations

Before Zefort, Docrates used SharePoint to store the company’s contracts.

“In our old solution, defining contract access rights was a challenge. Tagging the owner of a contract was a chore, and managing access at the folder level for different teams was cumbersome. We wanted better control over user rights management.”
Aleksi Vartiainen, Docrates IM Manager

In addition, the lack of reminder functions and limited search functionality presented their own challenges. The system also made it difficult to separate contracts from their annexes – contracts with hundreds of partners seemed like an unmanageable mass of thousands of files.

Modern usability and certified security

Instead of a heavy and time-consuming product comparison and tendering process, Docrates quickly trialed and adopted Zefort’s contract management solution. Zefort’s initial solution met the most important functional needs, with ISO 27001 certification and comprehensive security controls to ensure data security, and the possibility of SSO login, for example, would make everyday life easier for users and the IT team.

“We quickly realized that Zefort meets all our needs. Zefort felt modern and easy-to-use from day one – this was important for us to onboard all our users easily and keep them committed to the new tool.”
Aleksi Vartiainen, Docrates IM Manager

Even if the security or technical features of a particular solution are state-of-the-art, from the end-user’s point of view, it is the ease of use that determines the practical everyday life. It must be easy to enter and find contracts. Additional features such as reminders and automatic metadata recognition make the use more efficient and worry-free.

“Often, changing systems is initially met with resistance to change from the user community – this was not the case with Zefort.” Aleksi Vartiainen, Docrates IM Manager

A partner well worth recommending

In addition to a well-working product, Docrates was also interested in the fact that Zefort was a partner willing to develop. During the pilot period, ideas for product development were positively received and the ideas were relatively quickly incorporated into the product.

“At Docrates, we decided to test the solution for an initial period of one year – and now that we have been using it for over a year, we are still satisfied.” – Aleksi Vartiainen, Docrates IM Manager

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