Seamless contract management through powerful integrations

Today, you need many different software solutions to run your business. How these solutions work together is often a critical element in making your working processes as efficient as possible. Software integrations are the glue that make all the pieces work together.

In this post, we’ll take a look at the contract management integration options Zefort provides, what benefits they offer and what kind of know-how you need to get started.

Easy start: Ready-made eSignature integrations

Want to automatically archive contracts signed with your favorite eSignature service? We’ve got you covered.

By far, the easiest way to connect eSignatures and Zefort’s contract archive is to use our built-in eSign solution Zefort Sign. Simply send a signing request in Zefort and the signed document is automatically archived.

However, Zefort also comes with ready-made integrations to leading digital signature services, such as DocuSign. When you connect Zefort and the eSignature service, newly-signed contracts are automatically added to Zefort to a binder of your choosing.

What’s best, getting started needs no technical expertise at all: simply go to your account settings in Zefort, open Integrations and select the service you want to connect to. Enter the necessary credentials and off you go!

Are we missing your favorite e-Signature service? Contact our support team and let us know – we’re happy to add new integration options.

Advanced customization: Flexible automation through Zapier

Now that your digital signatures are in check, do you want to customize your workflows on a more detailed level? Have no fear, Zapier is here!

Zapier is an automation tool that moves triggered events and data between different web services easily and securely.  We’ve created a Zapier integration with many ready-made workflows. For example, with Zapier you can:

  • Create Zefort contracts from new files in Dropbox folders
  • Create detailed Google Calendar events for new Zefort contracts
  • Add custom data to Microsoft Excel every time a new contract is added to Zefort
  • Send a message to a Slack channel whenever a contract is signed with eSign and added to Zefort
  • And much, much more!

As Zapier is a very versatile tool, you won’t run out of possibilities any time soon. While Zapier’s learning curve is very not steep and you do not need programming skills, it does require a bit of time investment into understanding how the integrations work, how you want to optimize your workflows and what data and actions you want to move between the systems.

Got interested in Zapier? Check out the Zefort + Zapier integration page and get started with the ready-made zaps that are waiting for you! If you need help, contact our customer support.

Also, we would love to hear your feedback on your experience with using Zefort through Zapier. What kinds of integrations have you built? How did they make your workflows more efficient? Tell us!

For the heavy hitters: Full control through API integration

Application Programming Interfaces, or APIs for short, are the under-the-hood enablers for direct data flow between software applications. With APIs, the possibilities can be limitless – for example, Zefort’s API allows you to perform any action available in Zefort’s user interface, without ever logging in to our web dashboard.

So, with Zefort’s APIs, you can do anything, such as connecting your custom-built in-house system (such as an ERP, DMS or CRM system) directly to Zefort, in order to extract, input or sync any data between the systems. Or, you can build a mobile app that fetches data from Zefort. The sky’s the limit.

To utilize APIs, you most likely need to have your own developer resources. We support your developers’ work through our dedicated site. Also, our development team is happy to give direct support to your developers.

Not sure how a direct, highly secure API connection to the smartest contract management system could help your business? Before you write a single line of code, contact our sales team for a completely free chat – let’s talk over your needs and figure out together your potential benefits.

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