Zefort Sign update: Introducing handwritten signatures and signature stamps

With its latest update, Zefort Sign now allows anyone creating a signature request to require the signer to include handwritten signatures, initials or image stamps when signing the digital document.

This feature, also used in services like DocuSign, is optional to use and does not affect the legality of eSignatures within the EU. Just as before, all eSignatures made with Zefort Sign meet the European eIDAS signing regulation and are legally binding.

However, the new feature enables new use cases for Zefort Sign – now you can highlight important parts of the document or use handwritten signatures in addition to or instead of eSignatures. See below for details.


“We’re happy to meet customer needs by continuously enhancing Zefort Sign. This release underlines our commitment to developing Zefort Sign as the most flexible and universal eSigning option in the market,” says Jussi Karttila, Zefort CEO.

The new feature is immediately available to all Zefort Sign users with no extra charge. Simply log in and start a new signature process to see the feature in action!

Highlighting important document sections with signature fields

With the new feature, anyone creating a signature request with Zefort Sign has the option of adding additional signature fields in the document for one or more signing parties.

There are 3 different options:

  • Full handwritten signature: you can require the signer to enter his or her signature by typing it on the keyboard or touchscreen or by uploading a scanned image of the signature.
  • Initials: just like above, but with firstname and lastname initials only.
  • Image stamp: adding an image, such as a company logo or some other official sign.

You can add any number of these signature fields in your document. So, if you want to strongly emphasize certain pages or paragraphs in the document, add an additional signature field to make sure the signing parties take full note of that particular content.

Using handwritten signatures to meet local requirements or preferences

In some markets or for certain types of documents, a handwritten signature may still be required or even considered more legally binding than an electronic signature. Zefort Sign’s handwritten signature option adds flexibility: the document will get electronically signed, but now you have the added option to request a handwritten signature.

Some users who are still used to paper-based processes may also find a traditional approach to signing documents more comfortable and familiar. Handwritten signatures mimic the traditional signing interaction, even when it’s being done electronically on a digital document.

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