Zefort brings ChatGPT to its contract management solution

Zefort, the leading solution for post-sign contract management and electronic signing, has added ChatGPT AI as part of its service. Zefort’s customers are now able to use the world’s most popular chat-based AI to interact with their contracts securely, easily and efficiently right inside Zefort’s user interface. The opt-in feature is now available to all organizations using Zefort.

Zefort’s ChatGPT integration allows Zefort’s users to interact with individual contracts through ChatGPT. For example, users can ask ChatGPT to ask questions regarding the contract, generate executive summaries, analyse the contract for potential liabilities and much more – the user’s imagination is the limit.

Zefort’s ChatGPT feature is powered by Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI service and includes all key ChatGPT features, such as support for all languages.

Compared to the public ChatGPT service, Zefort’s implementation comes with several additional benefits. Utilizing existing contract metadata, the chat prompts are pre-primed to match the contract’s context and user’s role, which results in more relevant and higher quality responses from the AI. In addition, interacting with a specific contract is really convenient.

“We take the best of what ChatGPT has to offer and enhance it with ease of use, higher quality and relevance – without forgetting privacy and information security,” says Ville Laurikari, Zefort’s Chief Technical Officer.

Zero compromises to security

Zefort’s ChatGPT integration is an opt-in feature: it will be added only to those customers who want to use it. To help make this decision, Zefort will provide full transparency on how the feature works.

Technically, Zefort uses ChatGPT through Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI service via Azure’s data center located in Western Europe. This means that no data is stored outside the EU. In addition, the data sent to ChatGPT will not be stored permanently or used to teach ChatGPT’s AI model.

“The ChatGPT feature can be used by any company, from family businesses to corporations, that are comfortable with the security level provided by Microsoft. Within Zefort, we can limit the feature to certain users and monthly volumes, for example” says Ville Laurikari.

The pricing for Zefort’s ChatGPT feature is based on Azure OpenAI pricing models. Actual price for chat queries varies depending on the input and output, but is generally around a few cents per interaction.

Exploring the potential of AI

The ChatGPT integration is a natural continuation of the utilization of AI at Zefort. In addition to building its own proprietary AI features, Zefort closely follows promising third-party applications, such as ChatGPT.

“The AI train is moving incredibly fast right now. At Zefort, we keep a constant eye on the latest developments and turn them into tangible benefits for our customers when it makes sense to do so. AI is a major part of our development roadmap,” says Ville Laurikari.

To get started with ChatGPT, check out our ChatGPT feature page and contact our sales team.

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