Create contract number with sequence attribute

With sequence attribute you can add sequential contract number in the metadata. The numbering can be set automatic, or you can create alternative sequences for e.g. different kind of contract types.

Please note that this functionality requires custom metadata set on in your account and for creating custom metadata  you need admin license with permission “can manage account settings and tags”.

Create Sequence attribute

  1. Open account settings and go to Metadata tab
  2. Click + Add attribute…
  3. Add Sequence attribute
    zefort add sequence attribute
  4. Fill in attribute details
    • Label
    • Tooltip (optional)
  5. Default values for this attribute
    • Give name for the sequence
    • Set numeric value  from which the sequencing begins
    • Set on automatic numbering if you wish
      zefort edit sequence attribute
  6. Save
  7. Drag the new custom attribute to the metadata layout

Automatic numbering

The numbering can be set automatic: in this case all new contracts will get the sequence number automatically. You can manually apply the sequence number to existing contracts.

Note! The automatic option is not available when alternative sequence numbering is defined.

Alternative sequence numbering

In some cases you might want to have separate contract sequence numbering, for example segragate different type of contracts: for that you can add alternative sequences.

  1. Click the add button
  2. Fill in the details
    • Give name for the sequence
    • Set numeric value  from which the sequencing begins
  3. Save

Adding the sequence in contract metadata

When you want to add the contract number to existing contracts, do this:

  1. Open the contract’s Details tab
  2. In sequence metadata it says “Assign sequence if needed”
  3. Click the check mark next to it
    • if you have alternative sequences, open the menu ••• and select which sequence is applied

zefort assign sequence number