Default binders

Default binder is a binder to which contracts will be automatically added when user uploads new contract to Zefort. Setting default binders is optional.

Default binder can be set for individual user or a user group.

Default binders are displayed in the binder list when user uploads a new contract in Zefort with “Add contract” button. The default binder can be skipped at this point if necessary.

zefort upload contract to default binder

In signature process the default binders are displayed in the target binder list. Zefort sign default binders

Default binder types

There are two type of default binders: personal and group default binders.

Personal default binders

Each user (with editor or admin license) can select a personal default binder

  1. Open Zefort menu and go to My settings
  2. Select default binder for new contract: in the binder list you will see binders to which you have permission
    • Note: in order to add contracts in the default binder, you need to have at least edit permission to that binder.

zefort my settings - personal default binder

Group default binders

Admin can add a default binder to groups.

  1. Go to User management and open tab GROUPS
  2. Click on the group to which you want to add default binder (or create a new goup)
  3. Select default binder for new contracts
  4. save

zefort add default group binder

When users of the group upload contracts in Zefort, all group default binders are automatically displayed in the binder list (assuming the individual user has permission to the binder).

Kindly note that adding default binder does not grant rights to the binder. Admin must in addition give users adequate permission to each default binder. Read more about binder permissions here.

Skipping default binder

The default binder can be skipped if needed: just remove the binder from the binder list when uploading a contract to Zefort.

zefort skip default binder