Domains and IP addresses

Zefort’s built-in integrations, such as e-sign integrations and webhooks, may take connections to external systems.  Whenever you are receiving connections from Zefort, it’s a good practice to make sure these events originate from a Zefort egress IP address.

IP addresses

The full list of IP addresses where Zefort outgoing connections may come from is:

Please note that we periodically update this list to accommodate changes in our system. Thus, consider checking back occasionally, or better yet, automate the process using the URL provided below.

Downloading IP address lists

As a convenience, these IP lists are available in a machine readable format for easy import into iptables or similar tools:

If you are using a private instance of Zefort or a custom domain name, fetch the list from your instance to ensure it aligns with your custom setup:

  • https://<your-custom-domain>/ds/ips_egress.txt