Merging contracts

zefort bulk actions - mergeContracts can be merged in Zefort, follow these steps and check the video!

  1. Select the contracts for merge
  2. Click the Merge button in the toolbar
  3. Select the main contract
  4. If needed, adjust advanced settings to select which properties are merged:
    • Activities and reminders
    • Attributes (title, dates, etc.)
    • Binders
    • Documents
    • Emails
    • Notes
    • Parties
    • Signatures
    • Tags
  5. Click continue
    • Note that this process can’t be undone!
  6. Click Merge contracts to confirm merge

The main contract will keep the properties it already has. When merging overlapping data older contracts will take priority over newer contracts. Merged files are saved as contract attachment, you can find them in the Files tab.