How to find help

The help videos in Zefort’s interface, our support site and our customer service are at your service.

Video transcription

Hi, in this video, we’ll look at


how to access further information on using Zefort.


First of all,


there are these how to videos


with the sort of arrow icon


spread all around Zefort.


And you can click on these to access short,


very clear videos on how to use


certain aspects of Zefort.


So for example, here


we have a video on how to use the free text based search.


And if you go to binders,


you can find a how to video on how to use binders.




You can also access our knowledge base,


so if you go to the bottom left and you go to help,


which is the question mark icon.


And click on that.


This will open the Zefort knowledge base.


You have these cards here,


you can go to, for example, binders.


And this will have articles on


certain functions within binders.


And the video explaining to you how to do it.


You can also go and search,


for example, search for search.


And we’ll have information here related to such.


Now, if you can’t find what you’re looking for within the knowledge base,


you can also go to the Zefort and click on support.


And you can either fill in this support request,


or you can also email us directly at


And that was a brief overview on


where you can find further information on how to use Zefort.