Resend signing request

Automatic reminders

Zefort sends reminder emails to signature parties who haven’t signed or approved the document yet.

First reminder is sent 24 hours after sending the signing request, after that reminders sent 48, 24 and 6 hours before expiration of the request.

Send signature reminder

You can also send reminder manually if needed.

  1. Go to Signatures tab of the document
  2. Click on the signature process
  3. Open the menu ••• of the selected signature party to open options
  4. Click “Send a reminder email”

zefort esign sending reminder email

Send expired signature request

In case the signature process has expired before all users have signed or approved the document, you can activate the process and resend the signature request.

  1. Go to Signatures tab of the document
  2. Open the menu ••• of the signature process
  3. Click “Resend expired…”
  4. Set new expiration date and click resend

A new link will be sent only to those signature parties, who haven’t yet signed the document.

zefort resending expired signature request

zefort resend signature