What’s new 4.12.2023 🎁 – Saving and sharing form drafts

We have new feature in Forms! Now, when filling out a form, you can save it as draft and return to it later. Additionally, you can share the filled-out form with others.

Zefort - Saving and sharing form drafts

Saving form draft

  1. Fill in at least one form field
  2. Click Save as draft
  3. Click “Share” and select in which way you want to share the form draft
    • Copy the URL to your clipboard: you can share the link with others or save it for yourself
    • Send it by message: add the receiver’s email, type your message and click send
    • Send to another user in your Zefort account (available only for signed in Zefort users): select the user from the dropdown menu, type your message and click send

Changes in draft can be saved, but please note that the shared form can be submitted only once; after submitting, the link to the draft is deleted.

zefort forms - save draft changes

Pro tip! zefort pro tip

Save the draft as logged in user and you will find it in your Zefort account: simply open the Zefort menu and click “View draft submissions”. Also, drafts that are shared to another Zefort user are displayed in the account’s draft submissions.

zefort forms - view draft submissions