About Zefort

We are dedicated to making contract management as easy as possible. Zefort is an AI-based cloud service that receives, processes and stores any types of contracts with minimal effort from you.

Contract signing
Contract signing

Our key players

Zefort is headed by experienced product and business development professionals. You can contact team members directly via email at firstname.lastname@zefort.com.

Niklas Hakalax

Niklas Hakalax

Partner, Head of Accounts and Partnerships

Niklas Hakalax manages and develops Zefort's network of customers and partners globally. With an M.Sc. in Business and Management, Niklas has a strong customer and sales management background in international SaaS companies. As an innovative team player, Niklas strives for the Zefort network to make the most of our zero effort contract management platform.


Jussi Karttila

CO-founder, CEO

Jussi Karttila has an extensive track record from various management positions in high technology companies. Before Zefort, Jussi worked for five years as a country manager for a Nordic SaaS business. Jussi is known as an innovative person who gets things done.


Juhani Heikkilä

CO-founder, COO

Juhani Heikkilä has a proven track record in operations management, quality, ERP systems and master data management. With a M.Sc. in Finance and Accounting, Juhani brings unique financial and accounting management insight to developing contract management solutions. Juhani’s previous positions include management and advisor roles for software industry leaders.


Ville Laurikari

CO-founder, CTO

Ville Laurikari has founded and built multiple software products, businesses and teams from the ground up to profitable business. Following director-level positions at Tectia Corporation and SSH Communications Security, Ville is today an entrepreneur with in-depth expertise in both secure software development and customer success management.

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Our advisors

The following experts help us find the right contacts, grow sustainably and develop a great product.


Harri Lukander

Attorney, Senior Partner at Lukander Ruohola HTO

Mr. Lukander is an attorney specializing in contract and company law. Harri helps Zefort with contractual matters, due diligence processes and working with law firms.


Rami Alanko

CEO, Beemray

Mr. Alanko is a serial entrepreneur and a business developer. Rami helps Zefort to connect with the right people in order to drive sustainable growth.


Henrik Rak

Specialist Counsel at Wärtsilä

Mr. Rak is lawyer with a strong international background and experience in legal issues across multiple industries. Henrik advises Zefort on contract management best practices.


Leo Kadieff

Consultant, Chairman at Young Entrepreneurs Finland

Mr. Kadieff is dedicated to helping companies reach their full potential. Leo helps Zefort with all things related to startups and scaling up business operations.


Teemu Birkstedt

Professor of Practice in Turku University

Teemu is a Data and AI enthusiast for over 20 years. Teemu’s focus is how to make a positive impact with AI. Work is done working in startups improving the strategic and responsible use of AI and in university collaboration.
Teemu is a co-founder of former AI startup growth company (Bigdatapump, 2012-2018) that has lately gone thru a successful M&A process. Zefort will benefit from Teemu's AI and Start-up experience.

Contact us

We are happy to meet you either face to face or online. Our physical office is located in Turku, Finland. To get in touch with us book a demo.

Invoicing details for partners and contractors

Please use the invoicing details found here. We prefer to receive all partner and contractor invoices electronically.

Aivan Innovations Oy
Business ID: FI28557572

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Aivan Innovations Oy
Kairiskulmantie 12, 10th floor
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Get a grip

Zefort optimizes your existing processes and works with leading document management systems.

Zefort saves and archives contracts digitally in one secure place with minimum effort. You get superb search and browsing capabilities, shared access and automatic reminders.

Save time and effort

Never miss contractual dates

Find details quickly

Share with your team

Instant cloud setup – no IT project involved