3 steps to a fully digital document workflow

This is a guest blog by Clemens Brunner, CEO of sproof, a service that allows you to easily integrate digital signatures to your processes.

Can you feel it? The excitement when a new project starts, the inspiration when the ideas flow in your kick-off meeting, the joy when your team produces something together with your partners that you alone would have never come up with. It’s thrilling, heartening, energizing – up to the point when the paperwork starts and gives you a cold shower: Multiple document versions create confusion, the time pressure to get all signatures on the contract gives you goose bumps and the documents stored all over the place are destined to be never found again.

All of this feels even chillier since over the last year proven analogue processes have cracked and semi-digital alternatives started to evolve. I mean, is this scanned signature even legal and to whom in your company was the original sent by snail mail?

It’s been almost a year now that Covid has forced our work environment to go more or less digital. Many of us have realized the need for digital processes and the collective suffering pressure is big enough to start a change now. And it’s as easy as this:

Step 1) Keep the excitement going: timestamp your digital documents

No more confusion about which one is the latest version. No more doubts whether it was really your organization that created the document: Timestamp or issue your documents and data digitally with sproof registry and make them unforgeable. Don’t want to be bothered with that? No problem, the tool can be integrated with your existing applications and will do it all automatically for you.

Step 2) No more deadline goose bumps: Sign your documents digitally

Finally! The negotiations are over, everyone’s pleased with the clauses, the contract stands. The only thing missing before you can get started: the original signatures of the – in the worst case many – parties. Half of the people is in the home office, circulating the document via snail mail could take ages. And you needed those signatures preferably already yesterday, of course. Here’s what you need: sproof sign, an easy to use online signature collection service. TSL encrypted and hosted in Europe to protect your privacy and convince your IT department. Makes the collection of signatures fast and painless!

Step 3) AI does it for you: Managing your contracts

All done, the contract is signed! You definitely have no more nerve to think about where to save this stuff when all you really want to do is getting started on your project. If only there were not this vague notion that you might need to look into this document again to not miss any of these contractual dates. Well, let the smart contract management tool Zefort take care of this – effortless and automated. Processing, indexing and picking out key details may still be boring, but the tireless AI engine never complains. Try Zefort out today!

Want to know more about sproof? Reach out to Erich Höpoldseder or visit the sproof website!

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