Making contracts great again – my two first months at Zefort

Hi, I’m Niklas, nice to meet you – how can I help?

This Friday marks my first two full months as the Head of Accounts and Partnerships at Zefort, the zero-effort contract management solution. Here’s a quick recap of the beginning of my journey in a born-global high-technology company – in the midst of the global Coronavirus crisis.

Joining Zefort was a mixture of something old and something new. While my background is mostly in software and IT, the world of contract management was new to me.

I quickly realized that contract management is an important topic within the companies and enterprises we have dialogue with. Further, many organizations seem to see room for improvement in contract management for various reasons – improved risk assessment, simplified accessibility and availability of contracts, and many more.

For a solution-driven account manager, this is an ideal situation. Our customers have needs. We have a solution that really resonates with them. My passion is to find and develop long-lasting partnerships – not focusing on quick sprints but running marathons with our customers, giving them strategic support in the long haul.

So, how does the marathon start? Getting customer attention and meetings is fairly easy and efficient, but contract management is not a quick sport. To get the process moving, the solution provider must convince the audience really early. This is done by factors such as security, UX and pricing.

Based on feedback I have received during these two months, I feel proud to say that we tick all of the boxes mentioned above.

At Zefort, we work hard to provide organizations with an easy-to-use, bank-level security, zero-effort contract management tool. It is really rewarding to notice that more and more organizations are approaching us as they have received recommendations from our customers. That’s both humbling and really motivating.

These last weeks, all industries and everyone’s personal lives have experienced disruption and uncertainty. However, the show must go on. We work remotely and meet our customers and partners remotely as well.

Is there anything I can help you with? Let’s book a call or hook up on Linkedin!

Take care and stay safe!

Niklas Hakalax
Head of Accounts & Partnerships

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