New Zefort Sign authentication options and language support for Nordic markets

Zefort Sign, the easy eSigning service that comes built-in with Zefort’s contract management solution, now has support for strong user authentication with Swedish, Danish and Norwegian online bank IDs. What’s more, companies using Zefort Sign can now request signatures in their customers’ local language.

A strong authentication in digital signing means verifying the signer’s identity through an online bank login or another nationally available authentication method. In Zefort, signers can now verify their identity by logging in to a Swedish, Danish or Norwegian online bank.

Strong authentication has already been previously available in Finland. Naturally, basic-level authentication using email will continue to be available in all markets – companies using Zefort Sign can decide which authentication requirement they want to enforce.

At the same time, Zefort Sign adds language support for eSigning in Finnish, Swedish and Norwegian, with Danish coming right around the corner. Local language support means that the signer – a consumer or a business contact – can receive the signing request in their own language, making the overall experience smoother.

“Adding local support for eSigning is an important step toward our goal of making Zefort Sign the go-to eSigning service internationally. We believe that combining a smooth eSigning experience with a next-level contract management solution provides great value to companies of all sizes,” says Jussi Karttila, CEO of Zefort.

The next planned strong authentication locales include the Netherlands (with the Dutch language) and the Baltics.

To require a strong authentication or send the signing request in a local language, simply select these options when creating your signing request in Zefort. We’re constantly adding new authentication options and languages – if you need a particular combination, please get in touch today!

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