Time to recharge your brains

Up here in Northern Europe summers tend to be brief and perfect sunny days in short supply. That’s why we try to enjoy the most we can.

In Finland, our summer vacations are pretty long (potentially very long, if you happen to work at Zefort). Yes, it’s a tough job, but we all do our very best to manage 😉

Vacation is all about taking time off and doing what makes you feel good. For me, this includes relaxing by the water and spending time with the family. Taking out a board game that has been neglected for far too long. Due to the COVID-19 times we are living in, more exotic traveling is kept to its minimum but luckily Finland has plenty of summer attractions for local tourism as well.

On a slightly more serious note, being on vacation helps you realize the things where you have become irreplacable – in a bad way. As an entrepreneur and a CTO, I try to make myself unnecessary to a certain extent by tearing down silos and enabling others to do what I do. This is a noble goal that I apparently haven’t yet met – at least this year 🙂

Every time I boot up my laptop while sitting by the water I start thinking how this task could be avoided – or automated. While I love solving problems and getting things done, human brains need downtime to recharge. Work smarter, not harder. That’s one of the principles behind our slogan “zero-effort contract management”.

Well, time to log off and enjoy the downtime. I wish everyone a nice, relaxing summer – see you again in August!

Ville Laurikari
Zefort CTO

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