Zefort adds secure, signable digital forms – a major step toward being a full CLM solution

Starting today, all Zefort’s customers using Zefort Sign now have complimentary access to Zefort’s digital forms. The form feature allows creating secure, signable online documents for virtually any information collection purpose. Documents can be signed reliably with basic or strong authentication and are automatically stored in Zefort’s archive.

Zefort Forms marks a major step for Zefort in making it a full contract lifecycle management solution, including a secure contract archive, a powerful eSigning solution and now a way to create documents.

“At its very core, Zefort is a zero-effort post-sign contract management solution. However, with Zefort Sign and now Zefort Forms, we’ve added tools to cover the entire CLM process,“ says Jussi Karttila, Zefort CEO.

Zefort’s cloud-based, GDPR-compliant archive is what makes the new electronic forms unique. All signed and submitted documents are automatically stored in Zefort, enabling easy discovery and follow-up later.

“Zefort stands out with its reverse-chronological approach. We started by developing a feature-rich post-sign contract management solution that provides one place for all contracts and eliminates contract silos. Once done, we added a signing solution and now a content creation tool,” Jussi continues.

Thanks to Zefort’s integration options, it’s possible to automatically import contracts from most signing solutions or content creation tools.

Easy-to-sign online documents for all purposes

Zefort’s electronic forms provide an easy way to collect any information online – including customer, employee, supplier or other stakeholder information. The use cases are limitless, ranging from commercial subscription forms to non-disclosure agreements, consent forms, event signups or even school permission slips.

To verify the source of information, each form submission requires an electronic signature. The signatures are powered by Zefort Sign, allowing form creators to require either a basic-level authentication with email or a strong authentication with a Nordic bank login.

Once signed and submitted, the resulting document is stored in Zefort’s GDPR compliant, ISO 27001 certified archive as a digitally signed PDF. In addition, the system automatically stores all document metadata, making it easy to find and manage the information later.

Immediately available to all Zefort Sign customers

The electronic forms feature is a complimentary addition to all existing Zefort Sign customers. Customers are charged based on the number of completed signatures, either based on a pay-as-you-go model or through a fixed volume signature package.

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