Zefort reveals the next-generation signing solution, plans to sunset digital signatures

Zefort, the zero-effort contract management company, is preparing for the upcoming launch of a new innovative signing solution. The breakthrough solution is expected to take the market by storm, outclassing and outdating traditional Internet-based eSigning solutions, including the company’s own Zefort Sign.

Today, the internet is becoming a more dangerous place with regard to cybersecurity, privacy, and trustworthiness due to the evolving threat landscape and the increasing adoption of digital technologies.

As artificial intelligence and machine learning become more prevalent, digital fraudsters are finding new ways to exploit these technologies. By combining technologies such as deepfakes with tactics such as social engineering, cyberbaddies may be able to carry out coordinated supply chain attacks by placing ransomware to connected devices via the Internet of Things (IoT) simultaneously on multiple platforms through APIs.

Yet, companies continue to digitalize their processes and practices. One example of this trend is the prevalence of digital signing with eSignatures: companies can easily get verified signatures on any digital documents regardless of time or place with solutions such as Zefort Sign.

However, all this is about to change. Big time.

Zefort’s communication team reached out to Ville Laurikari, Zefort’s newly re-appointed CTO, to talk about the new innovation he’s been working with.

Zefort: Ville, great to see you and thanks for writing the intro to this post. We’re actually surprised to hear from you after that discussion we had exactly one year ago. What’s up?

Ville: Yeah, it turned out that they actually can’t lock one up for an indefinite period of time. It’s all good, I’ve been busy working on this new thing to replace that digital signing stuff for good.

Zefort: Yes, so, what’s that about? We thought we had a good thing going with Zefort Sign being adopted in more and more companies, thanks to its powerful features such as strong authentication methods, flexible signing process management and, naturally, native integration to Zefort, the world’s leading zero-effort contract management solution.

Ville: Yeah, forget about all that.

I had a revelation last November, while I was burning some evidence in my fireplace. Thanks to some crazy shenanigans going on in the world, the price of electricity basically doubled each minute and even though I had this thing called pörssisähkö, I was going broke big time.

So, it hit me: with these electricity prices, who in their right mind would pay for electronic signatures going forward? Or for that digital stuff in general? Did you know that those ones and zeros run on electricity?

Zefort: Sure, you have a point there, kind of. But isn’t the entire world depending on its digital backbone and data flowing through the miracle known as the Internet?

Ville: It sure is, but does it have to be? I’ve been staying off the grid for a while now. Reading books. Listening to tapes on my Walkperson. Watching VHS recordings of classic Leijonat vs. USSR hockey matches. Talking on the landline. The good stuff we’ve forgotten, you know.

Zefort: OK. So, time for the big reveal: what’s the new innovation that will replace digital signing?

Ville: Imagine if you could verify your signature by combining your unique visual creativity, something that requires a physical interaction, with the security of sitting next to your counterparty while enjoying a cup of…

Zefort: Do you mean signatures using pen and paper?

Ville: Well, I prefer expressions like durable medium and signing device, but essentially yes…

Zefort: Right, we’ll stop you right here to save our readers’ time. You can probably hear the sirens closing in on you just about now. Good talking with you Ville, let’s catch up next April 1st!

Disclaimer: The opinions and information presented by our CTO in this post, the 2022 interview and our 2021 product launch may or may not accurately or exhaustively express our company’s official stand on the issues at hand.

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