More Than Just Contract Management Software – Store All the Documents!

Zefort stands for making your contract management processes as smooth as possible? Our goal has been to design and develop a service where it is super easy to save and archive contracts, no matter if you are uploading them one by one or by masses, or by integrating Zefort into your go-to eSign service.

We wanted to build a cloud-based Fort Knox tailored to keeping contracts safe.

Well, our customers kind of disagreed.

They started using Zefort for archiving all kinds of documents – board minutes and materials, financial statements, insurance documents and warranties, certificates and even accounting materials, such as purchase invoices.

Our customers started using Zefort for basically anything and everything that has some sort of legal implication – the documents that you want to keep safe.

We really did not plan this. We had optimized Zefort specifically for contracts by including smart automation for identifying contract parties and contractual dates, for example.

If we originally had envisioned Zefort as an all-purpose document management system, we might have made different design decisions. Because you just can’t throw anything into a dedicated contract archive, can you?

Well, apparently you can.

It turns out that Zefort contract management software’s most loved features work just fine with all document types, not just contracts.

Let’s see:

Google-like search lets you instantly find the document you are looking for, no matter if it is a memo or an appendix to an insurance document.

Easy document archival works with any document types. Just upload them via your web browser or email to archive (did you know that with email you can even archive documents directly from your scanner?).

Bank-level security covers all your content – you can always be sure that all your stuff is safe and sound, in one central location, accessible wherever you are connected to the Internet.

Team sharing also works with any documents. Give access to just the right people in your team.

Built-in eSignatures with Zefort Sign allows you to get digital signatures easily to any document in Zefort.

And so on.

What we have learned over the last years is that you should never underestimate the creative mind of a user. We’ve learned that our job is not to limit what our customers want to do, but to enable them to be creative in finding ways that make their work more efficient.

And that’s the beauty of product development.

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