How to filter search results?

In addition to free text search, you may narrow down the search result by using various filters. Go to your contracts desktop and open the filters to find documents easily.

zefort open filters

Contract filters zefort contract filters


Search with contract status and select whether you want to include archived contracts in the results. Please note that as a default, archived contracts are not shown in the search results.
zefort contract filters - state


You can search with various contract dates:

  • upload date
  • effective date
  • pending activities deadlins
  • end date
  • signature date

zefort contract filters - dates

Simply type dates “From” and “To” or click Modify icon to use dynamic dates in the search.

zefort modify dates and switch off


  • parties and party role
  • owner of the contract
  • contracts in a binder
  • contracts created with form

zefort contract filters - relations


Search documents with selected signature process status or show documents that are signed with Zefort Sign.

zefort contract filters - signatures


zefort contract filters - taxonomy

Metadata filters zefort metadata filters

If your organization is using custom metadata, you can search it with metadata filters.

Additional filters zefort additional filters

  • contract main language
  • number of pages
  • number of attachments
  • number of emails
  • number of activities
  • permissions

zefort additional filters

Advanced search zefort advanced search

Target your search to specific part of the contract:

Basic queries

You can target the search to selected part of the document or metadata:

  • Title
  • Main document
  • Attachments
  • Tags
  • Contracting parties
  • Notes
  • Emails

Insight queries

With insight queries you can search for additional metadata discovered by AI, for example contract payment terms, activities with dates, warranty etc.

zefort insight queries

Please note “Insights” is an extra feature that may not be included in your account.

Saved searches zefort saved searches

Saved searches

You can save your own search for later use. It is easy to create your own filter:

  1. Apply the filters you want
  2. Click + Save search

Filter is now added in the filters “Saved searches”.
Click “Edit” and you can rename the search, make it public to other account users or delete it.

zefort save your own search

Default searches

You can set a saved filter as your personal default search in Zefort: go to My settings → Default search. The search will be applied automatically when you open your contract desktop.

Public saved filter an also be set as default search for the account: Account settings → Organization → Default search.

For default searches you can use different dynamic filters like dynamic dates, contracts owned by me (= signed in user) and my favorite contracts

Quick filters

You can use quick filters created in Zefort, e.g. “my contracts”, “contracts with overdue activities” and “ended contracts”.

zefort quick filters

Pro tips!  zefort pro tip


Toggle of the filter switch to find contracts that are missing the metadata; for example contracts that are missing end date or contracts that are not in any binder.

zefort filters find missing metadata

zefort display and delete filterQuick filter edit:

  • Point out the applied search filter by clicking the grey filter icon on the left.
  • Remove the filter by clicking the pink cross on the right.
    zefort point out the filter