zefort insights buttonZefort’s Insights feature provides users a way to identify key information within contracts. By utilising AI, the system scans contracts for predefined insights. Users can easily access it with Insights button, which highlights relevant information within the contract preview. Additionally, users have the option to filter contracts based on the insights detected.

Zefort Insights is included as part of the Advanced AI add-on; if you are interested and would like to learn more, please contact our sales team.

View contract insights

You will notice the Insights icon in the toolbar above the contract preview if Zefort’s AI has detected data relevant to predefined insights.

  1. Click the Insights button
  2. Choose one of the available options in the dropdown list
  3. The result will be highlighted in the contract preview
    • You can navigate through results using the magnifier icons

zefort insights

Advanced AI screens the contract for predefined insights, including:

  • Activities
  • Assignments
  • Compensation
  • Activities with dates
  • Legislation
  • Information Security
  • Payment terms
  • Personal data
  • Service level agreement
  • Use of supplier
  • Warranty

zefort search by insight queriesFiltering contracts with insights

You can also filter contracts using the insights.

  1. Go to your contracts desktop
  2. Open Advanced search in the filter panel
  3. Type your search term in relevant insight field