Link custom metadata with Forms’ blocks

You can link the custom metadata attributes with forms! So, the input of the form field is automatically added as the value for contract’s custom metadata. Let’s see how!

  1. Create custom metadata attribute
    • text
    • dropdown
    • multiselect
      zefort example of dropdown attribute
  2. Add a block in the form editor:
    • Text input block (First name, Last name, Full name, Text input, Text area, E-mail address)
    • Select block (Select, Dropdown, Yes or no, Terms and conditions)
      zefort forms blocks - text inputzefort forms blocks - email
      zefort forms blocks - select
  3. Edit the block: select the metadata attribute from dropdown list
    • If you are using select or dropdown block, the options are copied from the custom metadata attribute
      zefort link block with metadata


After the form is filled and submitted, the contract is created in Zefort. The linked custom metadata fields are filled with straight from the filled form.