Adding contracts

The video goes through downloading new contracts to Zefort via email and in the service’s interface.

Video transcription



In this video, we'll look at bringing contracts into Zefort.

Now, there are three primary ways to bring contracts into Zefort.

The first is through API integrations.

Are one of our ready made integrations with esign providers.

This means that when you sign a contract

or bring it through an API,

the contract will automatically be uploaded into Zefort.

Second option is using email.

In this case we take our own personal or binder related email.

Yeah, I'm going to look at my personal email

from email inboxes.

We copy this.

And we send an email with the contracts that we would like to bring into Zefort to this address.

The third is to use add contracts.

In which case we can just select files and add the contract.

So now we're going to bring a contract into Zefort using email.

So again, we go to this email inboxes section,

we copy and paste this email address.

Then we want to go to our email.

And here I have a message with the contract that I want to send.

And I've already added the email address.

Now, if we want to upload one contract.

We can send blank email with these three files

and it'll turn into one contract with two appendices.

We can also write the word multiple


which will then treat these a s separate contracts.

This means that you can upload several contracts,

which are one file at the same time.

We're not going to do that now

because we want to upload one contract.

Click on Send.

Refresh the page.

Now, when we come into Zefort,

we'll notice that.

It's already processing the file.

This could take a few minutes due to any lag in Gmail,

and it'll be in our inbox.

Now we can also bring in contracts using the add contract feature.

So you click on this.

Now we have the option at this point to bring in empty contracts.

So we can give the contract the title

and then just click "add contract".

This will create an empty contract.

You can then go in and configure the metadata fields.

The purpose for this is that if you need to create a contract

before the contract has actually been signed or created,

then you have the option to do so.

So as a placeholder within Zefort.

And now you'll see that I've got an email notification

telling me that my contract is ready.

So this means that the metadata has been reviewed.

All metadata has been entered by the AI

and is now ready to be reviewed.

We can also add contracts from our computer,

so we'll just select files.

We'll select these three open.

Now we can choose multiple contracts again.

We can bring in as many contracts as we want,

although we recommend bringing them

about 20 at a time.

But in this case, we have one contract.

And it's important to select the correct main contract document

so that the AI knows which contract to look into.

We'll select Binder.

I'll put it in.

Onboarding binder.

And we'll click add contract.

And we'll see you get a little number one on the inbox

telling us that a contract is being processed.

Now these are multiple duplicates of each other.

Don't worry.

Zefort will tell us if we've uploaded duplicates

once this contract has been processed.

It'll give me a notification saying this is a duplicate

and I can decide how to operate with that.

This has been contract entry into Zefort.