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What’s new 10.11.2020 – Email addresses 2.0 📧

Email addresses 2.0 📧

We have enhanced the email feature in Zefort:

Improvement 1️⃣: possibility to have several user (Admin or Editor) specific email addresses

Use case: you have your fixed address in scanner’s address book, but share a different email with your project team for project related contracts. Once the project is over, you can simply delete that project specific address.

Improvement 2️⃣: possibility to reset any email address

New feature: Public Binder addresses

(Note: this is an optional feature and not available in the CORE edition)

You can now create unlimited number of:

1️⃣) Personal Binder address (=owner of the contract sent to this address will be you)


2️⃣) Public Binder Address (=owner of the contract se to this address will be the owner of the Binder)

You can find this feature in the Binder section, by clicking “…” icon for that specific binder: