How to get started with contract management in just one day?

Let us guess – you have a lot of contracts but you don’t really manage them properly. Finding the right contracts and keeping up with contract dates is difficult and just takes a lot of time. You know there are tools for this, but you just haven’t had the time to research and implement them.

Well, after reading this post, you no longer have any excuses to postpone taking better care of your contracts.

Here are 5 steps for starting with contract management in just one day. Understand your business needs and current processes first. But then, the modern technology can pave the way to success.

Step 1: Get Zefort – Smart contract management solution

Zefort is a cloud-based contract management tool that lets you easily archive contracts and find the contracts you need in just seconds. While we’re happy to book an online meeting to discuss your needs, you can also simply start a free trial right now. Zefort works right on your web browser and does not need any software installations.

See our key features:

Step 2: Add users

No matter how large your team is, everyone can find the contracts they need from Zefort. If you need enterprise-level access management, like Azure Active Directory or Google’s G Suite, contact us and we’ll get you going.


Step 3: Set access rights

In Zefort, you can manage access to contracts by creating binders and assigning users to these binders. If you have a policy that all users can see all contracts, a single binder will do the job.


Step 4: Start uploading contracts!

Now, just start adding your contracts and you are done! You can upload contracts from your computer.

You can also archive contracts just by forwarding them to a dedicated email address:


Step 5: Get your contracts signed!

Need to get a name on the dotted line? Zefort’s got your back there, too. Our own Zefort Sign digital signing solution is built-in with Zefort, so it’s really easy to get started.


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