How Zefort Sign works

Zefort Sign is an electronic signing service that allows you to send signing requests via email to one or more recipients. This article describes how the signing process works for both the sender and recipient of the signing request.

You can easily try out the signing process by sending the signing request to yourself or your colleague.

Please see our overview video of the signing process:

1. Sending the signing request

You can sign both documents already uploaded to Zefort or new documents that have not been uploaded yet.

  • To sign an existing document, open the document in Zefort and navigate to the Signatures tab for that document. You can also use the “Sign” button on top of the contract card and in the contract toolbar.
  • To sign a new document, select Sign document from the top of the screen. Then add the document you want to sign. Note that the new document will be automatically added to Zefort’s archive.

Once you have selected the document, add one or more persons that you want to sign the document. You can select Zefort users within your organization or you can send the request to external people by entering their name and email address. You can also add yourself as a recipient.

After you have entered all signers, you can select the authentication level. The default authentication level is email authentication. Read more about Zefort Sign authentication levels.

Next, you can choose to request signatures in a parallel or consecutive order. If you choose consecutive order, you can drag and drop recipients to define the signing order.

As the last step, you can enter a message that is shown to all signers in the signing request email. You can also set an expiration date for the signing request.

When you are ready, select Send to send the signing request to all signers via email.

2. Receiving and signing the document

All signers will receive a signing request to their email addresses. The signing request includes your name, the filename of your document, the expiration date and your custom message.

From the email, the signer is directed to a web page where the document can be reviewed. On that page, the signer can either sign or decline signing the document. If the signer declines, you will be notified via email.

You can monitor the signing status from the Signatures tab of your document.

3. Saving the signed document

Once all signatures are completed, you and the signer(s) will be notified via email.

The email includes a secure download link that can be used for downloading and saving the signed document. As the document owner, you do not have to download the document separately as it is automatically stored in Zefort.