Signing contract with Zefort Sign

Received an invitation to sign a contract? Here’s the ABC of how to sign electronically with Zefort Sign.

Review and sign contract

Signature invitation


Reviewing documents

Signing the contract

Download the signed contract

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Review and sign contract

Signature invitation

When you have received a signature invitation by email, click the button “Sign now” to access the document. The signature page will open in your browser.

zefort signature request


There may be a requirement for authentication either before the contract can be reviewed or before you sign the contract. Authentication options include two-factor authentication with SMS or strong authentication with bank ID.

If you are prompted to authenticate, simply click the button authenticate and follow the instructions displayed on the signing page.

zefort authentication required

Reviewing contract

Next, review the contract documents. You might need to also review all attachments. In that case, scroll down and select the Open next document button to open the attachment.

zefort sign - open next document

You can navigate between the attachments also by clicking the tabs located above the document.

zefort sign - switch document

Pro tips! zefort pro tip

zefort sign download button  Download the document before signing

zefort sign zoom in - zoom out Zoom in and out

zefort sign quick scroll-down Scroll to bottom of the page

zefort sign select UI language Change the language of the signature request page

Signing contract

To sign a document, scroll down and click SIGN DOCUMENT. Confirm your signature by clicking SIGN

Once your signature has been processed,  you will get a confirmation. You can then close the window.

zefort sign or decline

zefort sign confirm signing

Decline to sign

If you choose not to sign the document, click DECLINE. If you wish to provide a reason for declining, a window will open where you can enter your reason. Confirm your decision by clicking Decline again. Please note that once you decline, you won’t be able to sign the same document again.

zefort sign - decline signature

Download the signed contract

Once all other parties involved with the document have signed it, you will get a download link by email.

  1. Click VIEW SIGNED DOCUMENT to access the signed contract
  2. Choose whether you want to include the attachments or not, and click the button download document

That’s it, now you have the copy of the signed contract! Please note that the download link is valid for two weeks, so make sure to download it within that time.

zefort sign - download link

zefort sign - download signed document

Need help? zefort sign support

If you experience any problems with the signing, go to Zefort Sign support center to get help.

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