How Zefort helps you meet NIS2 directive cybersecurity requirements

The European NIS2 directive aims at improving cybersecurity risk management in all EU member states. Starting from 18 October 2024, applicable organizations in all EU countries must meet the updated regulations for supplier audits and reporting, for example. Zefort helps organizations of all sizes to meet these requirements.

The purpose of the NIS2 directive is to improve and unify the level of cybersecurity across the EU. Updated cybersecurity regulation applies to a wide range of organizations operating in critical business domains, including energy, finance, traffic, certain ICT services, the food industry, and various digital services, for instance.

The NIS2 directive is currently being processed in EU member states. New regulations must be included in national legislation by 17 October 2024 and they take effect immediately afterwards.

As part of the upcoming regulations, organizations are required to audit and report the cybersecurity-related practices of their entire supply chain regularly. In practice, this means setting up processes for obtaining information from supplier partners, storing the audited information, and reporting it according to regulations.

Zefort’s solution can help organizations of all sizes to meet the new auditing and reporting requirements with these key features:

Customizable Metadata Model

Zefort allows you to create a metadata model that aligns perfectly with the NIS2 reporting requirements. This capability ensures you can accurately track, manage, and report all necessary information, simplifying compliance and audit processes. By leveraging our dynamic metadata structuring, your organization can adapt to the NIS2 framework with ease, ensuring all contractual agreements and related documents are fully compliant.

NIS2 Metadata

Automated NIS2 Key Date Reminders

Staying on top of the compliance deadlines is crucial. What if you could be automatically reminded of important dates, such as annual NIS2-related auditing deadlines? Zefort provides automated reminders for all key NIS2 dates, including supplier audit schedules. This feature ensures that you never miss a one-off or recurring important deadline, helping you maintain continuous compliance and avoid potential penalties. Our reminders can be customized to fit your specific needs, providing peace of mind and allowing you to focus on core business operations.

NIS2 reminders

Comprehensive Audit Forms

To further support your NIS2 compliance efforts, our CLM solution includes tailored forms for use in supplier audits. These forms are designed to capture all necessary information, streamlining the audit process and ensuring thorough documentation. What’s more, Zefort forms provide a built-in electronic signature signing process with approval/CC roles, resulting in an official, legally binding signed document. Whether you’re conducting initial assessments or follow-up evaluations, our forms facilitate effective and efficient audits, enhancing your overall compliance efforts.

NIS2 Forms

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