My second year as a growth company CEO

The beginning of August marks the second anniversary of my role as the CEO of Zefort. Especially in this fast-paced scale-up technology company space, it’s good to stop every now and then and take a look back at your accomplishments (and what you did not accomplish).

One year ago, I wrote a blog post of my first year as a CEO and this year I decided to continue this tradition. This time, I’ll simply list the top accomplishments briefly. (Note that these are by no means my accomplishments alone – we have a great team at Zefort and we have done all this together.)

So, without further ado: TOP 7 accomplishments during my second year (8/2019 to 7/2020) as the CEO of Zefort!

1) Double-digit number of new (and happy) customers.
It truly warms our hearts when companies like Aktia, Visma, Martela, Sarastia, Una, Heka and Yousican trust their contracts under our care.

2) New team members.
During the year, we welcomed Niklas Hakalax and Rituraj Nepal to our operational team and Teemu Birkstedt to our Advisory Board.

3) Rebranding – became Zefort
Our new identity is based on the value we create to our customers. You can find the story behind our new name from our blog.

4) Obtaining a ISO 27001 certificate.
ISO certification underlines our commitment to information security as a cornerstone of our development efforts. Together, bank level security and a fantastic User Experience are our recipe for success.

5) First cash-flow positive quarter (Q2/2020).
Yippee! Farewell to the valley of death – and full speed ahead! The fact that we managed to pull this off during the COVID-19 pandemic makes the accomplishment even sweeter.

6) New partners: Visma, Telia and Scrive to name a few.
We are actively looking for referral and reseller partners with services that together create even more value to our shared customers. It’s exciting to build the ecosystem with great partners.

7) 30+ new features in Zefort.
“Find similar contracts”, “Party manager”, “INSIGHTS”, “Dashboard”, “Improved binder selection” to name a few (see the complete list). We work every day to make Zefort create even more value for our customers. Customer feedback is a major source of inspiration for our development roadmap.

So, what’s next?

The coming year will be super interesting for Zefort. The digitalization wave that picked up speed with the Corona situation affects us in a positive way. We already have a strong foothold in Finland and we are now focusing on expanding to other markets as well. Our development roadmap is filled with exciting features that we are anxious to release. We’re powered up and hungry for growth!

We will keep you posted about all these topics during the coming year – stay tuned and thank you for your support!

Jussi Karttila, Zefort CEO


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