We are now Zefort – hooray for zero-effort contract management!

Two things you need to know: Aivan.ai is now known as Zefort and nothing else has changed. That’s right – the warmly praised contract management solution, the company’s legal entity AND the team behind the service will remain exactly the same as before.

But why Zefort? Read on!

“Let’s build a service around AI…”

Some years ago, Artificial Intelligence (AI) was really trending on the hype charts. A bunch of people – our founding team – were in a situation where they wanted to start a new venture. With a top technologist onboard, creating an AI-based online service sounded like a fun challenge!

As the team also had some serious insight into contractual stuff (and what was wrong with contract management), the concept was clear: a modern, AI-driven solution that would automate contract management.

Fast forward a few months and Aivan.ai is launched: a contract archival solution where you could upload either individual contracts or masses of documents. Once uploaded, smart AI processed the contents, automatically picking up key details, making the contract mass searchable and available in a centralized web dashboard.

Pretty neat!

“The service is very simple and user-friendly“

Once Aivan.ai had a solid service and a new fearless captain at its helm, one new customer was followed by another. As our team listened to customer feedback, we realized something, however. While people were happy with the increased efficiency that AI and automation provided, it wasn’t the thing that customers highlighted in their comments.

The majority of customer feedback was praising the ease of use and modern, fresh look of the service.

From first glance, the service felt like a flexible and easy-to-use solution that is clearly designed with the user in mind. – Terhi Kauppi, CFO, Remedy Entertainment

While using the service, the ease of use really stood out. The clear headings and commands are intuitive and make the user experience really pleasant. – Anni Laukkanen, Law Trainee, Lukander Ruohola HTO

We were delighted by how easy it was to take the service into use and operate it on daily basis. – Jussi Tomperi, CEO, FLS Finland

The user interface looks professional and fresh, showing it to customers is a real pleasure. – Ilkka Ventus, VP Sales & New Business, Vincit

(Full disclosure: while the above holds 100% true, a Google-like search remains our most loved feature.)

“Zero-effort contract management”

Today, we bid a loving farewell to Aivan.ai. Our product and brand name to Zefort, short for zero-effort contract management.

While efficient AI-processing will remain at the heart of our product, going forward we will build more and more on ease of use, user experience and features that help your team save time and brain power.

(The ‘fort’ in our name refers to our bank-level security; we are the Fort Knox of sensitive contract data.)

We want to bring a fresh alternative to the enterprise software markets and work with modern companies who want to take advantage of what digitalization has to offer. We hope to talk to you soon!

If you are an existing customer, please note that no action is required from you. All your current web links, login bookmarks and email addresses will work as normal. This is an example of what we mean by zero-effort.

Give us a call and join us on Linkedin!

Jussi Karttila
CEO, Zefort

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