Easy way to take inventory of your contracts

Every now and then you might need to take inventory of your contracts for one specific issue – the transferability of contracts in case of a company acquisition or merger, for example.

The traditional way to do this is to hire a team of lawyers to read through your contracts. However, this takes time and money – and no-one really enjoys this kind of approach.

What if you could do this with just a few mouse clicks?

This is where Zefort’s Insights feature kicks in. With Insights, our AI can identify and highlight any contract clauses that deal with a certain topic, such as the transferability of the contract mentioned above.

See how it works:

Pretty easy, right? No need for a whole team of lawyers.

Next, let’s say you want to process a large number of contracts – maybe your entire contract base. We can help you there, too: we can do some under the hood AI magic to look up all clauses on transferability in all your contracts and export the results to an Excel file, for example.

Even more, we can identify all contracts that do not have any clauses on transferability, and tag them in Zefort, for example.

And, naturally, we can do the same for any specific topic, such as GDPR, for example.


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