Zefort partners with Universities of Turku and Helsinki for AI research project

Zefort joins a consortium led by the University of Turku in a two-year reseach project on governance mechanisms for artificial intelligence (AI).

The AIGA project, backed by ca. 4.5 million euros of funding from Business Finland, focuses on reinforcing the trustworthiness, transparency, and explainability of algorithmic decision-making through AI governance. The AIGA programme and studies and develops with the industry partners’ governance models and mechanisms for artificial intelligence and how to commercialise AI governance and auditing for international markets.

As algorithms are taking over an increasing share of decision-making in both private and public sectors, people will have to be able to trust the decision-making processes that involve AI participation. The AIGA programme addresses a topical societal challenge and works towards creating a market for products and services for responsible AI. The programme creates new knowledge on the governance, auditing, explainability, and transparency of algorithmic decision-making, particularly AI.

In the long run, the project’s aim is to create products and services that in the future reduce the risks of organisations producing and using AI applications.

In addition to Zefort, the AIGA consortium partners are the University of Turku and University of Helsinki, DAIN Studios, Talent Base, Solita, Siili Solutions and the Finnish Tax Administration. The programme collaborates with the leading companies in the field such as Saidot Ltd.

Read University of Turku’s press release

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