Zefort reaches 1MEUR annual recurring revenue thanks to satisfied customers

Zefort, the zero-effort contract management company, has reached an important milestone for any scaleup software-as-a-service company: an annual recurring revenue (ARR) of 1 million Euros.

ARR is an important business metric for subscription-based software service companies. Each new customer increases the monthly recurring revenue (MRR) which in turn increases the annually recurring revenue.

“We’re extremely happy with the 1MEUR milestone, especially because it is the result of hard work and organic growth. It has been great to see how our vision of zero-effort contract management truly resonates with companies big and small.” – Jussi Karttila, CEO at Zefort

For a subscription service, Zefort has an excellent track record in customer satisfaction. Zefort has a positive net retention rate, meaning that the service can maintain and expand the monthly revenues due to very low customer churn.

Founded in 2017 as Aivan.ai, Zefort early on decided to build its business mainly with cash-flow financing instead of venture capital. This meant that the company really had to focus on building a product that matches the needs of its customers from the very beginning.

“Now that we have verified our market fit with a scalable product, we are switching to a higher gear. Our goal is to focus on expanding to international markets while listening to all our customers in our product development efforts. And, we’re about to launch something completely new – watch this space!”

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Jussi Karttila, CEO, Zefort
+358 40 019 9528

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