Configuring eSign integrations

Zefort provides ready-made integrations with a number of digital signing services, enabling easy interoperability with existing eSign workflows.

Follow these steps to integrate your eSigning service with Zefort:

  1. Go to Account settings [1]
  2. Open Integrations [2]
  3. Select your preferred eSign tool and select connect [3]

zefort integration with esign tools

See below for details on how to set up the integration for each service.


  1. Select environment (Sandbox or Production) and click connect with docusignzefort connect to docusign
  2. Log in to DocuSign and grant access to Zefort
  3. Define settings in Zefort:
    • Set owner for the DocuSign envelope automatically [1]
      (if the person is user in Zefort)
    • Select fall-back contract owner [2]
      (if the owner of the DocuSign envelope is not a Zefort user)
    • Select default destination binder for contracts [3]zefort docusign connection created
  4. Connect Docusign envelope fields with Zefort binders, click  +Add destination binder  [4]
    • Fill in DocuSign envelope data (field name and value) [5]
    • Determine to which Zefort binder the imported contracts will be added [6]
    • Select the contract owner in Zefort [7]zefort docusign custom envelope fields
  5. Set status Active [8] and Save [9]
    zefort activate docusign connection
  6. Connecting additional DocuSign envelopes zefort add plus button
    • Click the Add button (in the top right corner of envelope table) and follow the steps [5,6,7] above.zefort connect custom envelope fields to binders


  1. Click authorize on and grant privileges
    zefort connect to scrive
    zefort scrive grant privileges
  2. Give name to the integration and configure settings
    • Template: select existing or create new Scrive template
    • Destination binder: select Zefort binder for importing the contracts
    • External ID attribute: fill Scrive contract ID to selected Zefort metadata field
      (requires a custom text type attribute in Zefort)
      zefort connect scrive to zefort
  3. Set status Active
  4. Select save

If you have several templates in Scrive which you want to import to Zefort, you need to create a separate integration for each of them.


  1. Give a name for the integration
  2. Enter Scribble Business API credentials
    • Skribble API username
    • Skribble API key
  3. Set integration status to Active
  4. Click authorize skribble

zefort skribble intagration settings


Telia Sign

  1. Add a name for the integration
  2. Telia Sign settings:
    • Token: Click SHOW to see and copy the token
    • URL:
    • Login & password: designated Telia user account credentials and password
      (Note: don’t use personal account to create the integration!)
    • Select destination binder and contract owner for imported contracts
    • Select status of received contracts
  3. Set integration status Active
  4. Click Save

Contact Telia Sign support in order to complete activation from Telia’s side.

zefort connect to telia sign


  1. Create connection
    (Note: use a designated Verified account for creating the Zefort integration!)

    • email
    • password
    • company id
      zefort connect to verified
  2. Copy the webhook URL and configure it in the account settings
  3. Select destination binder and contract owner for imported documents
    zefort verified integration settings
  4. Set status Active
  5. Click Save



Visma Sign

  1. Select Production environment and fill in Visma API client details
    • Identifier
    • Secret
      zefort connect to visma sign
  2. Click authorize visma sign
  3. Configure destination binders (optional) by clicking “add” button zefort visma sign integration settings
  4. Edit destination binder details
    • Select Visma folder to be connected to Zefort binder
    • Select contract owner
    • Auto delete: when contract is imported to Zefort, Zefort removes the document from Visma
    • Click save
      zefort visma sign integration set destination binder
  5. Set status Active and save
  6. Import old Visma Sign documents (optional):
    1. Click Start import of old visma documents…
    2. Select from which time period you want to import the Visma documents
    3. Click start import
      zefort visma sign integration mass import of old documents