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What’s new 20.05.2019 – Contract preview. The scrollbar is back and more.

Contract preview. The scrollbar is back

We’ve received feedback that navigating documents using the page links is a bit cumbersome. We value your feedback highly and do our best to improve. Now it’s possible to move forward and backward in the contract preview also with a scroll bar.

Reminder templates and automatic reminders

Know that small clock icon next to date fields (if the date entered is in future)? That icon opens a pop-up proposing some reminders for the contract based on that specific date.

Now you can configure this template: how many reminders you want to trigger and timing of each reminder.

To trigger reminders automatically for a specific field, turn on automatic reminders for any date field in Contract Metadata configuration.

Contract merge

Ever uploaded a file as a new contract when it should have been an attachment? Instead of re-uploading it as an attachment, you can now merge contracts.

Select the contracts you want to merge, click on the “merge” icon and decide which contract you want to keep as a master. Files and e-mails from the other contract(s) will be moved to the selected master contract.

Contract notes 2.0

Notes are sometimes very important to keep track of information not directly included on the documents themselves. With this in mind, we have improved how notes are managed in Zefort. Contract notes are now in a dedicated tab where you can:

    • add several notes to a contract, showing who wrote what and when
    • anchor notes to a specific place in a contract document

See notes 2.0 in action in this video: